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“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you." —Frank Lloyd Wright

What is Eco Gerontology?

Meet the Garden Girls:


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               Green Care Practice
 Awaken Joy, Increase Vitality, Build Resiliency in Our Ever-Changing World 

Help for caregivers

All Ages Need Nature


Aging Well in a Climate-Changing World


I help people of all ages put to use the health promotion potential of their natural environments to benefit older adults, future generations, and planet earth, our shared home. 


As an eco gerontologist, I inspire health professionals, carers, and communities to improve the quality of life for all ages by nurturing accessible, supportive, and multifunctional green care environments.

I offer fun and engaging nature-inspired education for all to benefit= people and planet!  











We are all aging in extraordinary times of change. 


Taking care of ourselves and our natural world is paramount for

aging well, for living well. 

Renew and Restore with CARE OUTDOORS
Increase Carer Vitality with Nature's Nurture
Two-Day Online Retreat
Certificate Upon Completion 
Retreat Available 2/13/23 

With Care Outdoors, You Will: 

  • Feel the Restorative Power of Nature with Guided Practice

  • Explore Green Care and Nurture Nature Connectedness 

  • Learn How Green Care Practice Promotes Health and Wellbeing

  • Grow Self Care 

  • Return Restored, Renewed and Inspired!






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Retreat Includes Inspiring e-book! 

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Retreat Proceeds Support

ECO Generation Park pilot community funding.

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