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“Allow nature’s peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.”

— John Muir




All Ages Need Nature


Aging Services in a Climate-Changing World

Our Health is Interconnected to Nature's Health

Empowering individuals and communities to harness the full health potential of their surroundings, I am an environmental gerontologist dedicated to enhancing quality of life for people of all ages.


I work with individuals, health professionals, carers, and communities to co-create and utilize, supportive, accessible and multifunctional green spaces. With a focus on nature-inspired education, I am dedicated to providing fun and engaging opportunities to benefit both people and planet–Greening Care from Soil to Soul.

Eco Generation Consulting 

Live Learn Grow 



Decades of research have shown that our environments have a significant effect on longevity. We now know that the aging process is conditioned by genetic factors, variations in human development, and, above All, our dialogue with the environment. 


At the core of my expertise, environmental gerontology seeks to understand, analyze, modify, and optimize the relationship between individuals and their natural, physical, and social environments. 

🌿 Holistic Approach: With a keen understanding of Environmental Gerontology, I take a holistic approach, recognizing the interconnectedness of physical, social, and natural elements in shaping wellbeing for all ages.


🌱 Health Promotion: Advocating for health promotion potential, let's co-generate environments that provide access to Nature, regeneration, nutrient-rich food, security, biodiversity, stability, and connection for all ages


🤝 Reciprocal-Shared Care: To be valued is a human need that does not go away with a mobility impairment, a dementia diagnosis or when we are in the 'care' of others. 

Caring in, for, and with Nature nurtures Care receivers as active

agents of Care; reciprocity is paramount


By choosing Eco Generation Consulting, you opt for a consultant with a deep understanding and passion for Environmental Gerontology, offering evidence-based and comprehensive solutions that promote health and wellbeing, happiness and connectedness for individuals, communities and organizations, people and planet!









Continuing Education Offerings

The Art of Care Outdoors: 4-Week Mastery Program


Certificate Upon Completion 

Earn Continuing Education Credits!

Approved for 8 Instructional Hours

by the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals













The Art of Care Outdoors is not just a course; it's a transformative learning adventure empowering care partners, care receivers and professionals with evidence-based knowledge and creative tools. 


Whether you work with older adults, children, individuals living with dementia, Parks & Recreation...

Registration for this 4-week program begins on April 29th

and invites you to explore the awesome power of 

Nature as Our #1 Care Ally.

Once you're registered, you have the flexibility to take the course at your own pace during any 4–weeks that fit your schedule. No rush, no pressure – learn comfortably at your convenience

Throughout the course, you will explore evidence-based green care and nature-based approaches, learn and experience how fostering the human-nature connection positively impacts health and wellbeing. 


Elevate quality of life, boost meaningful engagement, and improve the overall health of your organization, fostering a 'whole community' approach.


You will receive the downloadable e-book 'Breathe Deep and BEE Happy! An Introduction to Sharing Care Outdoors' and 'The Care Outdoors Companion Booklet'


Want to learn more? Send me an email


Restore and Renew with Care Outdoors!

Connecting with Nature has tremendous benefits for All Ages,
yet those who depend on ot
hers to help them access the outdoors are more likely to lack daily exposure.

Why not make the most of outdoor spaces and provide opportunities for embodied experiences in Nature? 

From observing the beauty of Nature to taking awe walks, these experiences can positively impact the quality of life and wellbeing for older adults, care teams and all ages. 

Let's value meaningful engagement outdoors as a form of care
and ensure everyone can enjoy the endless benefits of

Caring In, With and For Nature.

Learn HOW TO
Renew and Restore with CARE OUTDOORS
Available as a Two-Day Online Learning Retreat
Certificate Upon Completion 

Earn Continuing Education Credits!

Approved for 8 Instructional Hours

by the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals.




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Courses Include Inspiring e-book! 

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What is Eco Gerontology? 

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how to age well

We Are The 

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