“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” 

– Albert Einstein


               Green Care Practice
 Awaken Joy, Increase Vitality, Build Resiliency in Our Ever-Changing World 

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Aging in a Climate-Changing World


I help people of all ages put to use the health promotion potential of their environments, physical, social, and natural, to benefit older adults, future generations, and planet earth, our shared home. 


As an eco gerontologist, I guide and educate health professionals, community practitioners, caregivers, and communities on improving the quality of life for older adults by creating accessible and supportive green environments. 

Are you a dementia care provider?
Are you a health care professional? 


Are you having difficulty prioritizing your own health and wellbeing?


Are you curious to learn about green care and how it can enhance the quality of life and wellbeing for all participants, including our planet? 

Breathe Deep and BEE Happy!
Two-Day-At-Home Retreat

   With Green Care 101, You Will: 

  • Immerse your body and mind in the connectedness of Nature 

  • Improve your home environment using a green care lens

  • Explore green care theory with engaging presentations​

  • Discover nature-based practices 


  • Ignite a sense of possibility and inspiration for nurturing your care  


  • Return feeling refreshed and renewed!

         This Green Care Retreat is intended to shine a bright                  light on the ecological path of care; you are that light





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for a loved one living with Dementia          


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