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Pioneering a New Branch of Gerontology,


Eco Gerontology puts the Ecosystem back in Home.


'Eco' comes from the Ancient Greek word okios, meaning 'Home'. 

I view Home holistically, encompassing our whole bioregion—land, plants, towns, watersheds, and beyond, including all living beings

(birds, bees, rabbits...)

Aging in a Climate-Changing World

Eco Gerontology emphasizes the importance of healthy natural environments in supporting all domains of livability and advocates for nature-inspired and community-based solutions to our most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Empowering individuals and communities to harness the full health potential of their surroundings, I am an eco gerontologist dedicated to enhancing quality of life for people of all ages, current and future generations. 

I work with individuals, health professionals, carers, and communities to co-create and utilize supportive, accessible, and multifunctional outdoor spaces. With a focus on nature-inspired education, I am dedicated to providing fun and engaging opportunities that benefit both people and planet.

Be Inspired to share care outdoors! Listen to my conversation with

Dr. Mara Karpel & Your Golden Years, recorded live in May 5th, 2024. 

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Explore why Green Social Prescribing  is gaining traction in Europe and why all ages need daily Human-Nature Connection. Care Outdoors Continuing Education empowers you to optimize the therapeutic use of outdoor spaces every day!


Be equipped to foster Nature-Inspired Wellness Programs and Experiences for All Ages, including people living with dementia, disability, and mobility impairments. 


What You'll Gain:

  • Foster purpose, joy, and connectedness while reducing isolation and preventing care burnout among your team and those under your care.

  • Weekly engagement with video content, lectures, and interactive discussions via a user-friendly online platform for flexible, accessible learning.

  • Hands-on experiential learning practices to apply concepts directly.


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What is Eco Gerontology? 

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