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Monica Eastway Gerontologist
Blue Dragonfly
Painted Branch

Monica Ann Eastway, M.S.

As someone who has personally faced the stress and trauma of placing a loved one in a care facility, I understand the importance of revolutionizing our care systems. My passion for innovating a new model of living and care stems from my experience with my great-grandmother, Tess, and the dismay we both experienced when she was admitted into a skilled nursing facility on the sixth floor without access to Nature, the outdoors, gardens, or her beloved dog. 


My work incorporates the Ecology Theory of Aging, which recognizes the impact of the environment on physical mobility, cognitive decline, and sensory loss. Our environments, including housing and community, play a crucial role in our ability to live fully.

As a meaningful engagement professional, I have extensive experience engaging people living with dementia. I am the founder of Rockin' Wrinkles!, a musical movement program for vibrant aging.

I provided over 600 in-person sessions, and I can assure you, the music never dies. 


While working 1:1 with clients living with dementia, I became aware of the positive effect of being outdoors and the moments admiring and engaging with Nature had on my clients. 


Decades of research support the positive impact of nature on health and wellbeing for all ages.


Let's Bring Care Outdoors!


Co-creating accessible, supportive and biodiverse care environments
For All Ages.


I advocate for supportive environments that provide individuals with:

- Access to Nature
- Nutrient-rich food
- Security
- Biodiversity
- Stability
- Connection
- Equal opportunities to develop skills and competence
- Collaboration with a shared purpose
- Capacity to maintain societal contributions
- Reciprocal-Shared Care; caring in, for, and with Nature

My expertise lies in co-creating and caring in, supportive, accessible, and multifunctional outdoor spaces that enhance quality of life for people of all ages.


I have a strong academic foundation, including a Master of Science in Gerontology from the University of Indianapolis and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Philosophy from the University of Toledo. Additionally, I have over 25 years of experience as a Healing Arts Professional, specializing in massage, sound healing, mindfulness, laughercise, play, breath awareness, and aromatherapy.


My research interests are focused on Green Care, Nature Connectedness, AWE, and Growing Community-Based and Nature-Inspired Housing. 


Through my work, I have gained extensive knowledge and practical experience in the design, development, and execution of customized wellness programs that showcase cutting-edge research and innovative approaches to care.


I am passionate about nature-based practices, recognizing their vital role in promoting the health and well-being of individuals and communities. Working closely with health professionals, carers, and communities, I strive to create fun and engaging outdoor opportunities that benefit both people and the planet.


My mission is to deliver ethical and professional care grounded in evidence-based practices, using a person-centered and reciprocal-shared care approach.

~ Connecting All Ages to the Goodness of Our Planet ~


As an end-of-life doula, I provide support and guidance to individuals facing the end of their lives.

My areas of focus include honoring disenfranchised grief, helping individuals write their own obituaries, and facilitating a peaceful and fulfilling death experience.


I develop easy-to-digest and Fun educational programming optimizing the lives of those I serve. 



Master of Science in Gerontology, University of Indianapolis

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Philosophy, University of Toledo 

End-of-Life Doula Professional Certificate, University of Vermont

Licensed Massage Therapist, Ohio State Medical Board

Emotional Intelligent Leadership Certificate, Weatherhead School of Management


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