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Sharing Care Outdoors: A Path to Better Health for All Who Provide Care

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Caregivers, Care Partners, Care Managers, Home Health Care Professionals, Physicians, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Recreational Therapists, Activity Directors, Nurses ++++


Carers: Paid and non-paid. Carer means a more reciprocal relationship is possible.

Care Outdoors generates Reciprocal-Shared Care.

As a carer, it is essential to prioritize self-care and wellness to provide the best possible care for others. Many carers struggle with finding time for self-care, but what if I told you that it could be as simple as Sharing Care Outdoors?

Did you know that engaging with Nature has been linked to improved health and wellbeing for carers like you and those you care for?

The Benefits of Engaging with Nature

The "biophilia hypothesis" suggests that humans have an innate connection to Nature and that this connection positively impacts our health. The Attention Restoration Theory and Stress Reduction Theory also highlight how engaging with Nature can help restore mental fatigue and reduce stress levels.

And it's not just the amount of time spent in Nature that matters, but the feeling of being connected to the natural world that can produce benefits.

Care Outdoors: A Unique Approach to Care

The Care Outdoors approach is a way of caring that nurtures reciprocal-shared care, giving and receiving care by caring in, with and for Nature.

Sharing Care Outdoors: Prioritize Health and Wellbeing

Valuing moments outdoors as a form of care is essential because it can improve physical and mental health, enhance quality of life, increase engagement and stimulation, support social connection, and provide care receivers and carers with a meaningful and therapeutic experience.

Restore and Renew with Care Outdoors

A Two-Day Online Course Retreat

Discover the Power of Nature Connectedness: Deepen your connection with Nature and enhance your self-care. Your two-day retreat will introduce you to the concept of nature connectedness and its many benefits, including increased mindfulness, improved wellbeing, stress reduction, and deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Embark on a Green Care Adventure: You will learn about Green Care and evidence-based practices, including care farming, forest bathing, and green exercise. You'll discover how incorporating green care into your self-care routine can prevent burnout and enhance your overall wellbeing and the wellbeing of those you care for.

Build Stronger Community Ties: This retreat highlights the importance of nature connectedness, reciprocal-shared care, and the role of Care Outdoors in preventing loneliness and isolation.

You will learn how to overcome perceived barriers to outdoor care and bring care outdoors into your daily life and care practice.

Create a Personalized Action Plan: Reflecting on your retreat experience, you will develop an action plan to continue your connection with Nature and promote reciprocal-shared care. Access valuable resources for further study and exploration and be equipped with the tools to strengthen health, wellbeing and Share Care Outdoors for All to Benefit!

BEE Inspired to Share Care Outdoors for Self-Care

and the Care you provide others!

Simple Yet Profound Practices

Two-Day Online Learning Retreat
Certificate Upon Completion

Earn Continuing Education Credits!

Restore and Renew with Care Outdoors

is Approved for 8 Instructional Hours

by the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals.

Approval #: NCCAP5028782-24NT

Connect with a Growing Community of Outdoor Care Enthusiasts!

Experience the Benefits of Nature Connectedness in the Comfort of Your Home!

Online Course Retreat Objectives:


1: Introduction to Nature Connectedness

  • Understand the concept of nature connectedness and its benefits

  • Appreciate the psychological, physical, social and environmental benefits of engaging with Nature

  • Reflect on and in the natural environments you currently have access to

2: Nurture Nature Connectedness

  • Develop mindfulness and meditation practices

  • Learn simple yet profound ways to nurture human-nature connection

  • Brainstorm ways to share care outdoors at home and in community

3: Green Care and Nature-Based Practices

  • Absorb Green Care approaches and benefits

  • Learn simple yet profound care outdoors practices, including nature art, awe walking, nature photography, and mindfulness.

  • Understand how reciprocal-shared care prevents burnout

  • Learn simple ways to incorporate green care into your daily care practice


4: Building Community with Care Outdoors

  • Understand the importance of nature connectedness

  • Appreciate the role of Care Outdoors in preventing loneliness and isolation

5: Sharing Care Outdoors in Daily Life

  • Understand the role of Nature in health promotion

  • Learn how to overcome perceived barriers to outdoor care

6: Action Plan

  • Reflect on the retreat experience

  • Develop an action plan for continued connection with Nature daily, enhancing self-care and the care you provide

  • Access resources for further study and exploration

Online Course Retreat Outcomes:

  1. Deeper Understanding of Nature Connectedness and Mindfulness: Gain insights into nature connectedness and develop mindfulness practices through appreciation of the natural world.

  2. Benefits of Green Care and Connection with Nature: Acquire knowledge of the benefits of green care and develop a plan for daily engagement with nature

  3. Importance of Nature Connectedness and Outdoor Care: Recognize the importance of nature connectedness in preventing loneliness and isolation, and learn strategies to overcome barriers to outdoor care, inspiring others to share care outdoors daily.

Why Take an Online Course Retreat?

A Retreat Offers an Opportunity To:

  1. Slow Down: Enjoy a break from daily routines and distractions

  2. Pause: Reconnect with yourself

  3. Breathe Deep: Recharge your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing

  4. Learn: Engage in self-care practices in a safe and comfortable environment

  5. Grow: Gain new perspectives and insights

  6. Renew: Develop skills for maintaining mindfulness and wellbeing in daily life

  7. Restore: Reduce stress and improve your overall quality of life.

An Online Course Retreat Offers:

  1. Comfort and familiarity: At-home retreats enable you to learn in a comfortable and familiar environment, helping you focus more fully on the content.

  2. Cost savings: At-home retreats eliminate the cost and time associated with travel, making them an affordable and accessible option for learning. Home = Eco Friendly!

  3. Flexibility: At-home retreats enable you to tailor your learning experience to your individual needs and schedule

  4. Personalization: At-home retreats offer the opportunity for you to create a personalized and intentional learning environment, which can deepen your learning experience.

  5. Integration with daily life: At-home retreats enable you to integrate your learning with your daily life, making it easier to apply and reinforce new content

Call to Action!

Take the first step towards a more mindful and Nature connected life - enroll in the online course retreat today!

Certificate Upon Completion

Earn Continuing Education Credits!

Restore and Renew with Care Outdoors

Approved for 8 Instructional Hours

by the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals.

Approval #: NCCAP5028782-24NT

Your health, the health of those you care for, and Mother Nature will thank you!

Order Your Retreat And Prepare Accordingly!

*** Equip Your Care Team with New Tools

while Gifting them with Restoration and Renewal!

Interested in a Community Rate?

4+ retreat participants = Save $$$ with a 20% Discount!

6+ retreat participants= Save $$$$ More!

Send me a direct message and I will send you options!

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