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ECO Generation Park: THE VISION

"a vision that is unshared and does not echo into other people is not a vision. A vision needs to be believed, nurtured and followed in order to become the lighthouse that guides the endeavor.

The Vision finally allows the entrepreneur to draw others towards his own idea, to build something from scratch, and solve difficult problems in unusual and innovative ways to create greatness- which is why Vision is the driver of entrepreneurship."

-Juan Jose de la Torre

The picture above is my Vision Board for the next few years.

My interest in gerontology began caring for my great-grandmother nearly 15 years ago. Unfortunately, after a fall, I could not give her the 24/hour care she needed.

I often wish I knew then what I know now, and I have experienced extreme guilt through the years that I was unable to ensure Tess could age in place and die in the comfort of her beloved home, or at least a home with her dog and plenty of green space. Here is a photo of Tess at age 86, she started ballroom dancing in her 70s.

This guilt has fueled my passion for innovating new models of living and care.

Nearly a decade ago, I took a leap of faith, shed most of my materials, and moved from Cleveland to Big Sur, CA.

I was called to Big Sur on a "mission with a vision" as I knew I needed to experience a live/work/learn community. Looking back, I was guided 100% by faith- I had never even been to a live/work/learn community!

And I did; I lived/learned and earned at the Esalen Institute and Treebones Resort. In addition, I learned and earned at Sunrise Senior Living; all different models of living and earning.

ECO Generation Park is not an entirely new model of living; ECO Generation Park combines several different models- creating multiple benefits.

I learned living with Tess that I may need a walker one day, and I may have dementia one day. I often wonder how different Tess's last years and my years as a caregiver would have been if there had been an ECO Generation Park option.

Heck, I am ready to move in now!

On December 18th, 2021, I graduated with a Master of Science in Gerontology. As I put on my cap, gown, and hood, it dawned on me how everything I have experienced in my life thus far, the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, and divine, has led to innovating ECO Generation Park; I have found my purpose on planet Earth, here and now. I am blessed.

ECO Generation Park is not only an idea; ECO Generation Park has pulsed throughout my mind, body, and spirit for over a decade. I have never felt so incredibly passionate about anything in my entire life.

And here we are, the Vision is becoming more apparent and precise. I literally can 'feel' myself already there, living, learning, and earning in a beautiful eco and community-based community filled with all generations.

I must take a chance, lead with heart, and genuinely manifest ECO Generation Park.

I am thrilled, so many people are excited about ECO Generation Park.

I can not build this model alone.

I am looking for people as passionate as I, people from varying backgrounds, to help build this Vision from scratch and solve some of our most pressing issues in aging "in unusual and innovative ways to create greatness."

Affordability, physical accessibility, access to community services, and medical care are some of the housing challenges older adults, including those living in rural areas, face.

And This: Older adults 65 and over are the fastest-growing segment of our nation's homeless, and the number of homeless older adults is forecasted to triple by 2030.

We can, and we need to do better for current and future generations.

ECO Generation Park is ECO Focused, Elder-Centered, Intergenerational and Resident Sustained.

Let's Be the future we want to see in our world!

With Gratitude,


"Act boldly, and unseen forces will come to your aid" - Dorthea Brande


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