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Eco Gerontology: Caring In, For, and With Nature

Eco Gerontology Supports

"provides a lens to understand caring beyond the provision of well-being services, and rather, as a way for people to express who they are, and who they wish to be, through everyday interactions with both the human and non-human world."

Eco Gerontology puts to use the health promotion potential of the natural world:

generating accessible and supportive green environments for all ages.

Green Care Communities Promote:

  • Daily structure and routine

  • Collaboration with a shared purpose

  • Participant leadership

  • Adventure

  • Wonderment

  • Physical activity

  • Spiritual renewal

  • Development of skills, identity, and competence

  • Value and transformation

Green Care Practices:

  • Deepens connection to environmental cycles

  • Provides fresh air and vitamin N & D

  • Promotes feelings of AWE

  • Activates calm and connectedness

Nurturing Plants and Animals

provides feelings of fulfillment

Enjoy this short video and Meet the Garden Girls!

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